Facultad de Ciencias 


The studies of Science with the category of faculty began in 1857 at the University of Granada with the Law of Public Instruction (Moyano Law) which determined the creation of the faculties of "Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences" in the Spanish University, thus segregating these studies that were previously held at the Faculty of Philosophy. For many years in Granada, students could get only the basic degree of Bachelor of Science or preparatory courses for other faculties and their academic training was completed at the Central University of Madrid. Science university degrees became independent from Madrid in 1913 with the creation of the Chemistry degree. Other degrees began to be offered in 1956 (Geology), 1964 (Mathematics), 1967 (Biology), 1973 (Physics), and 1986 (Computer Science). The degree in Computer Science became Engineering and moved into a separate facility in 1993. In the same year, the Chemical Engineering and Electronic Engineering degrees were created, and in 1995 the university degrees of Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences were established. Finally, Biotechnology was launched in 2004 and the double degree in Physics and Mathematics started in 2006

The building

In 1961, the Board of the Faculty of Sciences proposed the construction of a new building to house this university center. In 1963, the construction of the building, located in the Fuente Nueva University Campus, began and their premises were gradually filled with the different university sections from 1969 on, completing their installation in January 1973. 
The Faculty of Sciences building was designed by the architect Cruz López Müller. The project was directed by the architect Alberto López Palanco, who made certain modifications and extensions. The main idea of the project was a functional building, a light and open complex that would integrate with the park environment that had to be preserved. 
Planned in terms of neo-rationalism, it consists of a north-south backbone with transverse wings that run from east to west. The building is composed of blocks or pavilions that are more or less independent but come together to form several courtyards. The building is supported by a reinforced concrete structure, topped by a flat roof. 
The possible horizontality of the project was modified by the architect by designing volumes at different heights. The fronts of the building are a combination of solid brick walls treated with cladding and white plastic paint, with longitudinal rows  of windows interrupted only by the vertical lines of the exposed pillars of the metal structure. The new Faculty, with an organic planning, has been distributed with great flexibility to anticipate future expansions

Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Granada
Avd. de Fuente Nueva, s/n 18071 Granada